new seasons, same Jesus

This is the most fun! I’m so encouraged by every friend who has gave me the big ol’ “you go girl”! Truly, you’re amazing and I love you! So week two… some truth for ya: with new seasons come new challenges, new desires, and sometimes, thankfulness for past moments you wish you could get back. It’s been an interesting space to adapt to my “new normal”. But yall, the one thing that remains constant through it ALL, is Jesus. He is GOOD. I’ve found myself diving into His word now more then ever and trusting that His way is always better then my own. I know words on a screen will never truly represent the power of His grace and the depths of His love; but yall, He is better then anything this world has to offer. That being said, heres five things: I’m giving to Jesus (and a pretty little phone/computer screen if you find yourself in the same season of needing to lay your life at His feet!)

LJCC_Phone Background4.jpg

My impatient heart

Ever want something SO bad and Jesus says “not right now”. It can be not a big deal or it can be devastating, But I rest in this;

He knows and will always know more then me

He ways are better then my own.

He has heavenly timing and a perfect plan for my life

LJCC_Phone Background5.jpg

My nervous mind

I have found myself in a constant state of worry lately. I don’t love it, in fact, I hate it. It’s stemmed out of many things that once ya’ throw them all into the mixing bowl, we get a big ol’ mess. BUT JESUS,

Trusting in His ways, in His timing, in His plan: it’s the only way we’ll find peace. Without that, we run the race of exhaustion and worry.

LJCC_Phone Background6.jpg

My passions

I have such a heart for creating and designing and making and #allthethings but yall, there are seasons where taking a rest is needed and necessary. In that time, passion may seem to take a backseat on the creative-train (we’ll call it that). & that’s ok! Not every spare second needs to be spent in front of your muse and not every moment needs to be devoted to doing more.

Friend, take time to REST - and find inspiration from a time just being. You may find yourself with a new found appreciation of the things you love the most!

LJCC_Phone Background7.jpg

my anxious soul

I guess I’ve hit this twice now, but I feel like in this season of life, I’ve been an anxious mess. Like always thinking about things, always trying to be at the next step, always dwelling in the “bad” of my current situation. This is NOT the way Jesus desires my heart to be. Jesus, I’m giving you my anxious soul. Seriously, this is straight from the enemy & he can take that right on back (insert laughing emoji here…but really!)

LJCC_Phone Background8.jpg

my anger

The biggest revelation I’ve had in my walk with the Lord is the FACT that He already knows when I’m angry. Angry at the world, angry at my mom or sister, angry at Him. It’s a weird place to be, because I know He’s better then anything I could ask for, but when things don’t turn out the way I’ve envisioned them too, or simply, maybe not getting what I desire, He already knows exactly how I’m feeling.

We can come at Him exactly that way, too. No hiding, no praying around that. He is there. I like the think when I pretend to be “just fine”, He’s having a comical moment thinking “dear daughter, it’s ok that you’re mad, but just wait because it’ll get so much better”.


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Laura Holowecki